Vertical tabs in side panel

View multi-windows vertical tabs in side panel. Oraganize tabs by drag and drop between windows. Save any of your open tabs (optional close) in one click. Sort tabs

window manager

tabVertikal is not only tab manager but also window manager. Merge any windows. Give name to windows and save forever. Save entire windows in one click.

Native tab groups supported

Chromium native tab groups fully supported. you can create & update any tab groups.

Domain & duplicates filter

Update all tabs of specific domain. Remove all duplicate tabs in single click.

Fuzzy search

Fuzzy Search supported. everything i.e title, url, groupname is searchable.

Suspend tabs

Reduces memory usage and make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs.

Share and collaborate

Share your open and saved windows as a web page. You can real-time collaborate with your teams and friends on this web page.

Here's what our users say:

I have tried countless tab/window managers, but I won't be trying any more because this is by far my favorite. So thoughtfully designed — it's rare to find something with so many useful functions that is also easy to use and lightweight on browser resources.
I have several browser windows open, with many tabs in each and simply can't find the page which i need. This plugin makes it easy to get a global view of all browser windows and tabs and quickly switch to one, close tabs and windows from one central place.
Great tool for dealing with an excess of open tabs/windows and ofter forget why this tab opened. I can write note before leaving tab. I can move tabs between windows,sort by domain and remove duplicates easily.
I open lots of tabs on many different topics and hate having to go through them to find the ones I want or figure out which ones I can close. But now, i can filter and sort tabs by its domain or group.


Early bird


Web link
Fuzzy search
Tab sorting
Unlimited tabs
Unlimited windows
Merge windows
Tab filter
Group manager

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