Tab suspend manager.

How to open tab suspend Manager

Right Click on Tab Vertikal icon then
Click on Suspend Panel from pop menu.
Tab-suspend Manager will be loaded in a new tab.


Tab discards Table's column explanation


  1. Utility: Tab serial Number
  2. Reactivation score: tab reactivation score in any window.
    Reactivate score means how quickly it is available for users in a ready state.
    Reactivation score also depends on website's size.

Tab reactivation score is positive if

- If tab's window is focused - Tab's loading state is loaded

3. Site Engagement score: ratio of time spend on any tab.

4. Tab title: tabs' title and logo.

> Note: Tab map lets you to rename tab's title for your convenience.
> In Tab Map, Click on tab's title to rename title and auto update tab's title when you finished.

5. Tab URL: Full url of tabs.

6. Visibility: Tab's visibility state.
Visibility state is visible if tab is active, otherwise hidden.

7. Loading State: Tab's loading state.
Loading state is unloaded for suspended tabs.
unloaded tabs don't consume system resources.

8. Lifecycle state : Tab's loading state

- empty :
Tab is in suspended state.
Tab isn't consuming system resources.
Tab will auto-reload when you open this tab.
Tab reactivation score is high negative.

- hidden :
Tab isn't in suspended state.
Tab is consuming system resources.
Tab don't require to reload when you open this tab.
It is available instantly for use.
Tab reactivation score is low negative.

- discarded (urgent):
when tab is suspended by clicking on Urgent Discard button.

- discarded (external):
When tab is suspended by Tab Map.

9. Discard Count - How many times a tab is discarded by Urgent Discard or Tab Map\*\*.

Auto Discardable: Will browser auto-discard current tab.
If Auto Discardable is true then

- tab will load in active state when browser restart. - browser can auto-discard current tab after certain inactive's duration.

Last active: How much time ago this tab is activated. Timer will reset when you active tab.
Timer willn't reset if you load tab .

Actions: User control action for tab.
Load: Reload current tab.
Urgent discard: Suspend current tab.

Tips: Click on Table's head to reorder tabs in ascending or descending.